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Cross Laminated Timber


Cross Laminated Timber


Cross Laminated Timber


Cross LaminatedCross laminated timber is manufactured by using layers of softwood stacked at right angles and glued together. Each layer of wood in all applications is planed to the exact thickness. The layers are then laid flat and an automatic application of glue is applied before entering a press that holds the layers all in place until the glue is completely cured. The finished product is not only 100% bonded but also fully engineered and third party inspected.

The strength and durability of Cross Laminated Timber is proven in the fact that the application of this product is also used in the construction of homes and large buildings as a substitute for concrete and steel. Cross Laminated Timber Mats provide the strength and durability of traditional mats but not he weight. Essentially how can one challenge the integrity of a product that also provides the walls and roofing of the homes that our children play in?

Recognizing the diverse ways to utilize cross laminated timber; our manufacturer decided to put it to the test and develop an access mat that would be superior to the traditional fir and oak mat. Cross Laminated Access Mats are the new age choice for building access roads to get the job done!

All Cross Laminated Mats are third party inspected before leaving the manufacturing plant.


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